09 July 2017

JTDMC - JT Digital Mode Club

I was thinking to have a club registered Clublog for all hams who like JT modes. I share this idea with my friend MI6JVC and he support me a lot.

After that we share the idea with most active members in JT65A Digital Mode On HF Facebook group. 

I discussed with MI6JVC about our club name, and we agreed to choose JTDMC - JT Digital Mode Club.

Honestly, I did not believe all supports from the group members.

After that, email sent to Clublog attached the founders list requesting to create and list JTDMC - JT Digital Mode Club in their Club Leagues.
  1. A92AA
  2. A93LT
  3. DD5ZZ
  4. KM4MDT
  5. M6JNA
  6. M6VIO
  7. MI6JVC
  8. N4EFS
  9. N4LHY
  10. NW7US
  11. VE6UX
The 28th July 2017 is registered as the date of birth for our club.

Proud to see a lot of hams from more than 30 DXCC registered in our club, and hope to see more people registering in the club.

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