22 May 2018

World Football Cup 2018

The SRR organization committee for the World Football Cup 2018 announce the semi final list for all call signs participating in this event.

RSGB celebrates the Royal Wedding

UK radio amateurs wishing to celebrate the royal wedding can apply for a Notice of Variation to do so.

The RSGB has agreed with Ofcom an NoV to authorise the temporary use of the Regional Secondary Locator R after the United Kingdom call sign prefix.

So M1ACB could use MR1ACB, 2E1GKR could use 2R1GKR and GW1MFG could use GR1MFG—note that the celebratory letter R replaces the usual Regional Secondary Locator.

Exact details are given in the NoV documentation.

You must apply for the Notice of Variation before using the R, and it will only be valid between 19 and 21 May 2018.

17 May 2018

A92AA - WICA-20M

FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8DMC)

The FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8DMC) was founded 12.July 2017 by Jo - OE4VIE and Hannes - OE1SGU/OE3SGU.

What initially started as a fun idea has now grown to a large group with almost 5300 official club members. More than 7000 people joined our Facebook group. 

An extensive award program with currently 30 different awards was launched in October 2017, and up to now 9 Award Managers (A92AA, DM2RM, F4ESV, IK8YFU, OE1SGU, OE4VIE, OE4YLA, YE1AR, ZL1MVL) have issued more than 28000 (!) FT8 awards. 

All awards can be requested for free using the software UltimateAAC (download at www.epc-mc.eu). 

Awards are available in electronic (pdf or jpg) format only, no paper QSL are required, only your log for example in ADIF.

Only contacts made in FT8 count for these awards, please check our website (www.ft8dmc.eu) for more information about the club and award rules. You can also find a lot of links and general information about the Club and FT8-operation.