19 January 2018

AGDX Roundtable - 5/2018

We are on air on 40M at 04:30 UTC.
  1. 7Z1SJ/M
  2. 9K2GS
  3. 9K2WA
  4. A41MO
  5. A61R 
  6. A71AM
  7. A92AA 
  8. A92FF 

16 January 2018

Royal Recognition

Today morning, three cables of recognition were received from His Majesty the King, His Highness the Crown Prince, and His Highness the Prime Minister in response to the congratulatory cables on the occasion of Bahrain National Day A91ND.

14 January 2018

13 January 2018

New Audio Modification from A41MO

A41MO audio was un-believable today with the new setup:
  1. Yaesu FT-9000
  2. JKAntenna
  3. Elaborate Audio Setup with Studio Microphone

AGDX Roundtable - 4/2018

We are on air on 40M at 04:30 UTC.
  1. 9K2GS
  2. A41MO
  3. A61R 
  4. A71AM
  5. A92AA 

12 January 2018

07 January 2018

A91YOZ - Press Release #2

Today I receive the official approval for Year Of Zayed logo from the UAE authorities.

The logo is uploaded to A91YOZ QRZ page and it will be use for the QSL cards.

A91YOZ - Press Release #1

Bahrain Amateur Radio Group (BARG) members (A92AA & A93LT) QRV as A91YOZ on Friday 5 Jan 2018 during the weekly gathering of the Arabian Gulf DX Group Roundtable

FT8 & SSB mode was the major modes used on 17m, 20m & 40m bands.

A91YOZ - Year Of Zayed

The Directorate of Wireless Licenses and Frequencies Monitoring in Bahrain approved my request to participate in Year Of Zayed as a special events with our brothers in United Arab Emirates.

A91YOZ will be the official callsign

For more information about this events click here 

06 January 2018

AGDX Roundtable - 2/2018

We were on air on 40M at 04:30 UTC.
  1. 9K2GS 
  2. 9K2MB
  3. A41MO 
  4. A61R 
  5. A71AM
  6. A92AA 

05 January 2018

AGDX Roundtable - 1/2018

We were on air on 40M at 04:30 UTC.
  1. A41MO 
  2. A61AS
  3. A61R 
  4. A71AM
  5. A91YOZ - Op A92AA

30 December 2017

FT-8 Frequencies

FT-8 Center Frequencies

  • 160m 1840kHz 
  • 80m 3573kHz 
  • 60m 5357kHz 
  • 40m 7073kHz 
  • 30m 10136kHz 
  • 20m 14074kHz 
  • 17m 18100kHz 
  • 15m 21074kHz 
  • 12m 24915kHz 
  • 10m 28074kHz 
  • 6m 50313kHz 

14 December 2017

A91ND - Bahrain National Day 2017

Bahrain Amateur Radio Group (BARG) celebrate Bahrain National Day 2017 from 14 - 20 Dec 2017 by using the callsign A91ND.
Looking forward for all of you on air

09 December 2017

AF-050 Approved for IOTA Credit

The IOTA validation team approved / validated the activation of AF-050 as 5T5TI for IOTA credit

5T1A Log Uploaded to QRZ

5T1A log is uploaded to QRZ
next final upload will be next week

5T1A WAS Award Status

I work 49 states and the remaining is on state Wyoming WY